Prenatal Classes

Exciting News!

Beginning in July, I will be teaching group classes at THRESHOLDS; located on 125th, just west of Lake City Way. We are still working out the technical details of registration; if you are interested in the July 26- August 30 class, please CONTACT ME directly.

6 Week Birthing From Within Series

Experience childbirth education like no other! Dynamic, unique classes that blend practical knowledge with self-exploration & discovery. Prepare for birth as a Rite of Passage no matter where or how you plant to give birth.

  • 2.5 hours weekly (15 class hours total)
  • Hands-on pain coping practices every class
  • Learn to identify and mobilize personal and external resources
  • Process-focused preparation, rather than outcome-focused
  • Topics dynamic with individual and class needs
  • Special support people focus time
  • Postpartum home visit

Private Classes

Private classes are held in your own home or at Moonrise Health & Birth in Lynnwood on a mutually-agreed upon schedule that fits your life.

Birthing From Within Series ~ $300-$400

The same material as a group class, presented in 10 total hours of one-on-one class time. Perfect for families with tight schedules, on bed rest, or who want more personalized attention. Cost is a sliding scale based on travel distance.

Pain Coping for Early Pregnancy ~ $100

A private, 2 hour class for families in their first trimester; we will focus on understanding how building a pain-coping mindset in early labor can help alleviate the discomforts of pregnancy, and lay a strong foundation for learning deeper, more focused pain coping practices closer to labor & birth. Includes a $50 discount on registration for 6 Week Birthing From Within classes.

Birth Art Exploration ~ $100

Dive deeper into self-exploration & expression with Birthing From Within’s unique Birth Art Process™. No art experience or skill needed for this private, 3 hour long class session.
Includes a $50 discount on registration for 6 Week Birthing From Within classes.

Birthing Again~ $200

The perfect class for those who have birthed before, and just want a quick refresher; A review of the experience of labor and renewal of pain coping skills. Five total class hours, in two 2.5 hour sessions. Childcare recommended for siblings under 10.

Registration & Payment